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Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain with Kedaro

Are you interested in learning Spanish and discovering one of the most beautiful and relaxing areas in Spain? Then, Huelva and Kedaro are great choices for you!

You'll have the time to find your feet, to understand Spanish better and better, to gain in confidence and to improve your skill-level in the language. Take Intensive Spanish lessons at Kedaro and give your Spanish a boost in a short space of time. In addition, as many others have discovered, this might lead to a longer stay with us in Huelva.


Features | Intensive Spanish Courses

6 weeks


  • 110 hours
June 19th - July 28thYes Book now
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June 19th - July 28th
Oct 2nd - Nov 10th
Nov 13th - Dec 22nd

Schedule: from Monday to Friday

Levels: All levels from A1 to C2

Hours per day: 4 classes of 55 minutes each

Class size: Average of 10-12

What is included in this course:

Level Test (before starting your course)
Library Service
Attendance Spanish Certificate
Study material (books)
Internet access through PCs at the Academia and wifi



  • 19 hours
Our Spanish intensive courses for groups are designed specifically to accomodate a group of people who need a special programme depending on time, level, cost and extra activities. Simply contact us for more information and we´ll be happy to organise a course for you.

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Complement your Spanish Course with extra activities

The options below allow our students to really engage with the local community, make new friends, practise Spanish in real situations and learn new skills.




per week

  • 2 x 1.5 hour classes



per week

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions



per week

  • 1 x mid-week excursion
  • 1 x weekend (full/half-day)



per week

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions



per week

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions

General Description

For the students for whom an official CEFR qualification is the main motivation for studying Spanish, our Exam preparation package is a popular option. As the morning courses focus on the grammar, vocabulary, passive and productive skills, the afternoons will involve exam technique focus on past exam papers.

Not only do our Spanish teachers all have considerable experience with the DELE exams, but also the academy has a huge range of exam preparation resources available for our students to use.

Learning a new language in one of the the Intensive Spanish Courses can be an intense experience. What better way to take your mind of things than a few casual golf lessons through the week?

Huelva has some of the most fantastic golf courses in Spain. Whatever your level of golf, from beginner to advanced, if you’d like to learn Spanish and play golf, this is the package for you.

The cultural package is for students from the Intensive Spanish Courses who really want to get a feel for Andalucias’ rich history, proud traditions and world-renowned landscapes.

The extra pack consists of 3 full-day excursions at the weekend, 3 half excursions at the weekend, and 1 midweek evening activity.

Ask anyone what springs to mind when they think of Spain, and chances are that flamenco will turn up in most conversations. Although popular, it is not the only option in town.

The Kedaro dance package also caters for students who are interested in oriental, salsa and even belly dancing! The packages are tailored to the individual, so either a mixture of styles or a main focus is possible.

Combine exercising your language muscles with a private personal trainer. The gym is on the same street as the academy and studies suggest that there’s no better way to absorb new information than to supplement studying with physical activity.

As the work-outs will be 100% in Spanish, they’ll provide the perfect chance to try out the language learned during the morning!

Objectives | Intensive Spanish Courses

The Intensive Spanish classes pay attention to stablishing the development of the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, with special emphasis on communication. For that reason, all of our Intensive Spanish Courses focus on structured oral activities, on aural comprehension and on practical grammar and vocabulary, all of which you will be able to apply immediately to everyday life. In order to develop fluency and confidence, students are encouraged to put into practice the learnt grammar and structures.

Studying at Kedaro International means you will be highly immersed in the language and everything around it

This course is for you if…

You want fast learning opportunities in the Spanish day-to-day life.

You want to regularly converse with the friendly local people.

You want to combine your Spanish studies with holidays.


Book your accommodation with us


Private Apartment

For those who wish to have complete privacy and independence, we also offer a number of studio, private 1 or 2 bed bedroom flats.

Host Family

What better way to get to know the customs, cuisine and the daily life of the local community than actually living with them?

Shared Apartment

Located in the city centre, a máximum 10-minute walk from the academy, the shared flat option allows students to enjoy an independent life.


If you would prefer to stay at a hotel or a hostel we can help you. Simply contact us and we´ll be able to provide help and information.

You can book your transport through us

On your first day, Kedaro will welcome you with an orientation talk.

What our students have to say

  • Jessica Karafilov
    The teachers were great and our class became a real family. The lifestyle in the city was also a highlight of my time in Huelva.
    Jessica Karafilov
  • Lisa Nicole
    Informative, fun and creative courses. Great teachers supported by friendly staff. Such a difference in a matter of weeks.
    Lisa Nicole




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